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Run Your Own PR Program

Learn exactly how Andrew crafts powerful press releases and distributes them to thousands of reporters, bloggers and writers for FREE! Don’t pay an agency, Andrew will teach you how to do it on your own.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Drive Sales With Social Media

Find out exactly how to get 100s of new customers for free from Social Media. Master Andrew’s 4 strategies for reducing your daily time investment on SMM & discover how Andrew automates Social Media growth without spending a single dollar!​​​​​​​

Growth Hack Your Product

 Learn 2 actionable strategies for growth hacking virality into your product without a budget and learn some incredible examples that have actually achieved hypergrowth from Andrew's career.

Why You Should Join:

Andrew Lee Miller has been teaching his famous Growth Hacking Masterclasses around the world since 2010 and you now have the chance to join the class free, online, from your happy place.

Do you have a business that's brand new, bootstrapped or still in development? Don't waste precious time on marketing waiting for budgets and paid ad spend. Learn from a master exactly how you can start getting traction without any spend, now. 

Join us as Andrew he teaches how to hack growth from 5 unique, free strategies. Andrew has spent 10+ years building growth for early-stage startups and 3 tech projects have sold for millions under his growth guidance. In this 2 hour masterclass you'll learn how to build $0 growth for your startup using channels from:

                                                                  What You’ll Take Away:

You'll learn actionable strategies you can immediately put into play and start building awareness for your project on a budget. Strategies Andrew will go over include:  How to drive sales via social media, How to launch a PR initiative yourself, How to make your product 10x more viral and more. 

                                                                  Why It Matters:

90% of startups and businesses fail at the early-stage. Early traction is so valuable to your success. Driving interest at an early-stage will drive investment interest, confidence and more talent to your business and be vital to its success. Don't wait to raise money or finish your product, start building growth now.

              Meet Your Teacher

Andrew Lee Miller has spent the last 12 years growth hacking startup wins around the globe. After three multi-million dollar startup exits, he founded the early-stage startup marketing consultancy AndrewStartups in 2016. Since then he's launched and grown tech projects in over 10 countries, lectured around the world, worked with both 500startups and YCombinator projects and written about Growth Hacking for StartupGrind, INC magazine and many more publications.

"Andrew's classes are packed with value because he doesn't just focus on strategy like most people, he gives you real advice you can put into action, with examples from his career. He's legit"

Michelle Maltbia
Founder -

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